Baby Reubens poem

We gather to include him as he would of been

he is part of our family, he’s the centre of our theme.

The people all around us, are full of love – they care,

If we could only bottle this, the love that’s in the air.

The recent summer sunshine – that is what he is,

a ray of sunbeam shining down, full of summer fizz.

He is high up with the clouds, the twinkle shining bright

that’s our little Reuben, we know his spirit’s white.

It won’t be a special occasion that we need to remember him,

he will always be in our hearts and we will count him in.

But on those special family days,when he would of shared the joy,

we’ll smile and take a moment; to remember Reuben our little boy.

Though you can not see him, we feel him there,

though you cannot touch him, we sense he’s in the air.

We hold out our hand, so he can feel the love on it’s touch,

our hearts have been crushed as we loved him “Oh so much”.

Even on the darkest days, and when the lights go down,

there’ll be a glint of light somewhere, know our Reuben’s still around.

Tears are shed as we say farewell, but this is not goodbye.

He’ll always share the love in our heart’s as we look up to the sky.